The Best Smoothie Blender for Use at Home and On the Go


There are many reasons why we try and look to buy the best blender for smoothies for use at home. Have you noticed that these appliances have become extremely popular and are commonly seen in every household? These machines will enable us to achieve the maximum health satisfaction because of course smoothies are extremely healthy when compared to the high-fat diet that is common these days. Consuming whole fruits and vegetables can be quite hard and this is especially more common for children. In this situation, making smoothies can make things a lot easier because you and you children will be able to get all essential nutrients that you might not otherwise be able to get.

In addition to this, the best smoothie blender will also be quite easy to use, which is something that will allow you to make smoothies on a daily basis. Having a machine that is difficult to use will instill laziness and prevent you from making smoothies everyday. So the ease of use is probably the most important factor that needs to be focused upon.

Vitamix 5200 – The Best Blender for Smoothies Right Now

Vitamix is a massive brand and the model 5200 is probably the best smoothie mixer available to buy at this moment in time. This provides the greatest value for money and is by far the best choice if you’re planning on making smoothies everyday. This machine has the latest technology integrated into it but this doesn’t complicate things at all. In fact, it makes the entire blending process even smoother than it is supposed to be. The speed dial is very handy and combines quite well with the pulse settings.

The Vitamix 5200 is the best smoothie blender to have on the go.This smoothie blender can be extremely powerful too and has the ability to blend whole fruits that haven’t been cut into small pieces. These whole fruits can even be frozen and the blender will still power through them. This is a brilliant feature that will prevent any time wastage and also minimizes the effort on your part. All this power is due to the motor that is associated with 1,380W of power. In my opinion, the only issue with this is the fact that it is extremely expensive. If you have a budget to stick to or are looking for a midlevel machine then you won’t be able to afford this. This is probably the best smoothie blender right now and you’ll have to spend quite big to get your hands on this.

Again, I don’t think this will be suitable for someone who makes smoothies sometimes. But if you are making smoothies every single day and maybe even a few times per day then this would be the perfect machine. In this case, the price tag won’t matter too much because the Vitamix 5200 would easily pay itself off within a few months of use. In addition to the expensive cost, storing the machine might also be a problem, especially if you have lots of other appliances on your kitchen counter. The pitcher is quite tall so if you’re storing it under the counter then you might have a problem.

What’s Next?

Regardless of the features, the bottom line is that the Vitamix 5200 is an excellent blender. If you’re budget is a bit lower than this then you’ll need to look for the best smoothie blender at an affordable price. Due to the fact that there are so many of these machines available, you’ll definitely be able to buy one after spending some time comparing different products.

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